“We love the house, but can we get approved for the loan we want?”

Most buyers aren’t aware of how much of a loan they can truly get. Getting pre-approved removes much of the anxiety and uncertainty from the buying experience. Once pre-approved, buyers can shop for a home and make an offer with confidence.


Obtaining a Pre-Approval is the process of allowing a lender to review your income, assets and credit history. This gives the lender the ability to assess your likelihood of getting approved for a mortgage loan. You will be presented with a Pre-Approval Letter that will reflect that you have been properly vetted and are a strong candidate for a mortgage approval. All this is can be done before you even walk into a home.   


Real estate agents prefer to work with buyers that are pre-approved. Presenting an offer to a seller is much stronger when the buyer has a Pre-Approval Letter supporting their offer.


Sellers love pre-approved buyers. Sellers prefer to work with people that did their homework. An offer from someone who is pre-approved carries much more weight that from someone who has not.  


The Pre-Approval is free and can be done within minutes.


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