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Mark Kahn

Director of Sales
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Justin Blond

Mortgage Loan Originator

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Ann Zeilingold

Vice President/Branch Manager

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Judy Zucker

Vice President

FM Home Loans is a superior mortgage lender closing nearly two billion dollars yearly in loan transactions across the country—but we’ve never lost our personal touch.

That’s because David Brecher, our CEO, began his career as an ambitious and resourceful loan officer, honing his skills and mastering the very best in mortgage lending for over 25 years. Having survived some of the industry’s most turbulent times, David and his team know exactly what a loan officer like you needs to succeed—and they’re determined to help you get there.

Our Core Values

The Success is Yours

We may own the company, but you own your business. We are determined to empower YOU to create a personal success that channels your strengths—and makes you proud.

We've Been Around for Awhile

We attribute our longevity to our:

  • Uncompromising commitment to ongoing professional development
  • Near-obsessive dedication to impeccable customer service
  • Continuous mastering of the latest laws and products.

It's a Big Deal

We understand that buying a home is one of life’s most significant decisions. We believe homeowners deserve the most knowledgeable professionals, the most astute advisors, and the most hassle-free process.

Communication is Key

You can’t go this alone. At every stage, for every loan, communication with clients and team members is critical.

Exceptional Financial Rewards Exceptional Financial Rewards

Premium work deserves premium returns. Seasoned loan officers at FM qualify for an aggressive compensation platform, plus compelling bonuses. New trainees receive a generous starting salary for six months, and all officers are eligible to join the company healthcare plan.

Flexibility Flexibility

No need to rely on third-party lenders, or limit yourself to a narrow selection of loans. Our competitive pricing + exceptionally diverse loan products allow you to handle any kind of loan, and any type of budget. What’s more, our in-house processing and underwriting, in-house marketing, and comprehensive training are all here to provide you with key tools for success.

Mission: Sale Mission: Sale

Our strategic connections and acquisitions create continuous opportunities for sales, allowing our loan officers to reap plentiful financial rewards. Your purchase business is of paramount importance, and we assist you in skillfully balancing your pipeline of purchase vs. refinances.

Camaraderie Camaraderie

We are in this together. In our warm, team-spirited environment, officers develop close friendships and key collaborations. Via our signature LO 2 LO mentoring program—as well as the best in skills training—loan officers at FM learn to rely on each other for invaluable professional support. Our palpable sense of community gives team members the energy to achieve more.

Get You to the Finish Line Get You to the Finish Line

No one hates red tape more than us. With a loan process that is entirely in-house, we are uniquely positioned to help our loan officers close the deal—and fast.

  • Rapid turnaround time for your loans
  • Ability to get answers quickly
  • Dedicated underwriting for all products
  • Customized Encompass360 LOS system
  • Compliance support
  • Loan scenario and underwriting help desk
  • In-house IT department
  • IT Support ticketing system

Scalability Scalability

This is about you. And we are determined to grow YOUR business. Make our day by availing yourself of our robust array of personalized marketing services:

  • In-house marketing team: strategy + execution
  • Customized marketing plans
  • Recruiting support to help grow your branch/team
  • In-house human resources department
  • Expert prospect management

Personalized Mentorship Personalized Mentorship

Feeling lost? Wish you had a seasoned go-to person for all your professional conundrums? Every new loan officer is assigned a strength performance coach – a trusted, longtime team member who will identify your unique strengths and empower you to grow.

Intensive Training Intensive Training

Transitions can be tough. That’s why every new officer at FM gets:

  • A pre-transition strategy session to customize onboarding
  • A comprehensive educational seminar
  • A designated onboarding team dedicated to your transition
  • Tailored training for each branch position.

Outstanding Track Record Outstanding Track Record

After 3 years with FM Home Loans, the average Loan Officer has been earning in excess of $200,000.

Why work for FM?

“At FM, the camaraderie is unique: there’s a powerful drive to help each other. On the operations end, the team is completely dedicated to getting you to the closing table. The support offered—marketing, mentoring, coaching—is simply not available at other lending institutions.”

Mark Kahn Hero Mark Kahn

Mark Kahn

Director of Sales in New York, NY

Loan Officer