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There are 3 types of conventional loans in the United States:

A conforming loan is a mortgage that follows the strict guidelines of the housing GSEs (government-sponsored enterprises) such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The best-known guideline is loan size limit, which as of 2017 is $424,000 for single family homes in the continental USA.

A non-conforming loan, aka a Jumbo Loan, can be larger than the GSE limits, making it a prime choice for purchasing a luxury home or an expensive condominium or co-op. The highly experienced, professional and licensed Loan Originators at FM Home Loans are Jumbo Loan experts.

A high-balance mortgage loan is a conventional loan with a higher limit of conformity, designed for certain high-cost areas in which a mortgaged property is located. For example, even with the $424,000 GSE limit, a homeowner in a designated high-cost area can procure a loan of $625,000 or more for a single-unit dwelling.