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Yosef Sapezhansky

Loan Officer

NMLS ID #1846779

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"Let Yosef get you home!"


Yosef uses FM Home Loans extensive mortgage lending resources and experience to provide his clients with great rates, fast pre-approvals, superior customer service and hassle-free closings. As a loan officer with FM Home Loans, Yosef is dedicated to building lasting relationships with realtors by providing their buyers with effective purchasing solutions and real time communication.

Super powers

Tenacity, Commitment, Reliability, Humor, Warmth and Athleticism.


 from 15 reviews


05/08/2022 | N.M.
Thank you so much for always being available, answering all our questions with so much patience and making sure we got approved, even though we were not a simple case to take on! We plan on referring you to all our friends. Thank you so much!


05/04/2022 | P.S.
Very helpful, knowledgeable, patient.


05/02/2022 | Y.T.


02/22/2022 | A.H.
Yosef is Always available to assist and gets the job done quick!


02/10/2022 | Y.T.
The most accommodating broker bent over backwards to make sure everything worked out with a smile he is amazing


02/10/2022 | Y.C.
Yosef made it great. Plain and simple.


01/31/2022 | K.H. | Lakewood, NJ
Yosef and his team were easy to deal with, very efficient, and very on top of everything. We closed our loan in record time because of their efficiency! We are very grateful and would definitely recommend him!!


12/18/2021 | I.L. | Lakewood, NJ
Mr Sapezhansky is very approachable and easy to talk to. He is very good at explaining things and giving advice. It was a pleasure dealing with him


12/09/2021 | M.S. | Jackson, NJ
It was a pleasure working with Yosef & his team. I would recommend anyone that needs a mortgage to speak with Yosef. He’ll get it done somehow. Thank u again..


11/17/2021 | A.B. | Toms River, NJ
Yosef follows up quicky. Always available. Devoted, friendly. Service far exceeded my expectations. I am delighted.


10/18/2021 | Y.R. | Lakewood, NJ
Yosef – A fried from high school; I chose to use him for the purchase of my home. Yosef was excellent. Yosef answered all my questions, always explained the pros and cons, always thinking and doing how we can get the best rate. Yosef was on top of the file from when the application was submitted till closing and even following up post closing. I highly recommend Yosef.


10/07/2021 | J.S. | Lakewood, NJ
answered all questions. very professional.


07/28/2021 | E.F. | Howell, NJ
The guy knows his stuff!


01/24/2021 | M.M.


01/23/2021 | M.M. | Lakewood, NJ

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