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Steve Joffe

Senior Loan Officer

NMLS ID #54502

Full Application

"Let Steve get you home!"


In 2001, while still in college, Steven met a fellow student already employed as a mortgage professional. Steven, a dealmaker at heart, struck a proposal: Steven would tutor his new friend in Chemistry and the mortgage professional would teach Steven the secrets of becoming a loan officer. From the get-go, mortgage lending was a fit for Steven, who loves the challenge of finding the missing pieces to assemble the best loans for his clients. Steven believes that FM Home Loans’ success is achieved by their willingness to explore resources that other lenders find too challenging and therefore avoid without considering the possibilities. When not closing mortgage loans, you’ll find Steven often working out at the local gym or at almost any sporting event he has time to attend. Like a true athlete, to Steven, there are no problems - only challenges and obstacles to overcome. Steven’s clients benefit greatly from his energy, devotion, skilled mortgage knowledge, and exceptional service. 

Super Powers

Reliable, Athletic, Thorough, Responsive and Knowledgeable


 from 15 reviews


05/17/2022 | I.R. | Brooklyn, NY
Steve is very knowledgeable and helpful in every step of the way..


05/11/2022 | M.P. | Brooklyn, NY
Thank you to Steve and the entire FM Home team! The entire process went seamlessly and without any problems. We truly appreciate the great work and the outstanding service we received.


05/10/2022 | Y.H. | Montebello, NY
Steve was amazing throughout the entire process!


05/06/2022 | K.A. | Brooklyn, NY
Smooth all around!


04/03/2022 | I.R. | Brooklyn, NY
Steve is great to work with!


04/01/2022 | M.W. | Toms River, NJ
Steve was easy to work with and he made the work easy! When we hit a snag he went above and beyond to make it work out better for us!


04/01/2022 | E.M. | Valley Stream, NY
Constant communication and great knowledge!


03/30/2022 | O.L. | Brooklyn, NY
Steve and his team were very patient. I have nothing to compare this to, but we got it done!


03/23/2022 | M.W. | Brooklyn, NY
Being on top of the situation.


03/18/2022 | A.F. | Brooklyn, NY
Very thorough and professional


03/15/2022 | A.F. | Brooklyn, NY
Steve is knowledgable, honest, soft spoken and makes the process a collaborative effort.


03/10/2022 | S.P. | Brooklyn, NY
Was attentive to my needs, responded quickly to my texts or phone calls, collaborated well with my lawyer and others.


03/04/2022 | Z.B. | Brooklyn, NY
Steven is the man! He makes hard deadlines and gets good rates. Their price is only slightly higher then others out there but the service you receive is well worth it especially when your dealing with mortgages. I have used Steven before this deal and will use him on future deals. His team is also great as I’m sure other people on his team make this possible.


03/02/2022 | B.S. | Woodmere, NY
Steve was excellent. He is extremely knowledgeable, answered all our questions and ensured the transaction completed smoothly and quickly.


03/01/2022 | S.I. | Clifton, NJ
Steve is great and very knowledgeable and patient, he explained every detail and me feel very comfortable with the whole process

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