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Sinai Susholz

Senior Loan Officer

NMLS ID #150302

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"Let Sinai get you home!"


Sinai prides himself on helping families and individuals achieve their dreams by leveraging FM Home Loans extensive mortgage lending resources to provide great rates, fast pre-approvals, superior customer service and hassle-free closings. As a Senior Loan Officer with FM Home Loans, Sinai is dedicated to building lasting relationships with realtors by providing their buyers with effective purchasing solutions and real time communication.

Super Powers

Thorough, responsive, knowledgeable and professional


 from 15 reviews


01/21/2021 | A.T.
I work with Sinai on our recent home purchase. He is so approachable and responsive. I just found him via Google, made a cold call and he gave me the best rate right away. Through the process, Sinai ALWAYS delivers without back and forward; I don't need any lengthy chit chat to get things done. His system is also really nice and automated; a huge plus in comparable to other people in real estate industry who still use Fax and Scan machines ......... Excellent overall experience! Alice


01/14/2021 | Y.M.
Sinai has a great personality. Purchasing a home can be very stress-full, but when the right people are behind that experience it is much more manageable.


01/12/2021 | S.T.
Sinai & Blimie are there for you all hours of day and night literally!! Thanks.


01/07/2021 | P.L.
I couldn’t believe how fast this was done!!


01/05/2021 | A.I.
Sinai took care of me and made it happen. He worked hard from beginning to end. Great job.


01/04/2021 | T.L.


01/03/2021 | A.Z.
Mr. Susholtz was knowledgeable 'of what needs to be done, to get things done', and was capable to help make 'it happen for me'; for which I am very grateful.


12/31/2020 | J.J.
Overall great


12/28/2020 | M.F.


12/24/2020 | J.L.
Lowered my rate to 2.5%


12/24/2020 | I.J.
Smooth sailing. Sinai was able to get a rate much lower than anticipated. Extremely knowledgeable and easy to deal with Highly recommend!!


12/23/2020 | M.G.
He is the best smooth and fast with great rates, best experience I ever had!


12/21/2020 | N.G.
A pleasure to work with!


12/20/2020 | M.B.
Sinia and his team are very competent in the full spectrum of the loan process and never get tired or lose patience regardless of how long or strenuous ones application takes! No matter how many times I needed to call them they always answered with enthusiasm and friendliness!


12/10/2020 | L.F.
very personalized and professional service

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