Sinai Susholz

Senior Loan Officer

NMLS ID #150302

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"Let Sinai get you home!"


Sinai prides himself on helping families and individuals achieve their dreams by leveraging FM Home Loans extensive mortgage lending resources to provide great rates, fast pre-approvals, superior customer service and hassle-free closings. As a Senior Loan Officer with FM Home Loans, Sinai is dedicated to building lasting relationships with realtors by providing their buyers with effective purchasing solutions and real time communication.

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Thorough, responsive, knowledgeable and professional


We heard that it would be a lot of work to refinance and a big headache. However, Sinai made the whole process
as simple as possible. He helped us from beginning to end and was extremely patient. We were extremely happy using Sinai and would highly recommend him!

September 7, 2016

As a first time home buyer , the process was very overwhelming and working with Sinai simplified it. All I had to do was follow his simple directions and his constant reassurance when things looked like they weren't going to work out only made things easier and less stressful. I would strongly suggest to anyone looking for a mortgage to use Sinai and only Sinai. 

Additionally, his level of availability is unbelievable. I can call him at any time of the day, from early in the morning until late at night and I ALWAYS got the same, nice, patient, helpful service as if this is the first time I'm calling and, this is after I called 4 times already that day.

ZS W .
September 2, 2016

Getting our mortgage with Sinai was a real pleasure. His knowledge and responsiveness was a huge asset to us
getting out mortgage in a timely fashion without any issues. We highly recommend Sinai!

Yehuda B .
September 1, 2016

Purchased a house in Lakewood, NJ and Sinai, patiently, walked me through the entire process. Did whatever
needed to be done to "make it happen". Excellent Service. Very professional.

Joel A .
September 1, 2016


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08/21/2019 | T.H.
Sinai was referred to me when no one one else was able to get the job done. He was there for begining to end and was of great assistance and got the job done. I will definitely be recommending him in the future.


08/08/2019 | Y.B.
We would highly recommend Sinai to all our friends and family. He walked us through the whole process. He was very helpful in explaining everything, and he locked us in an AMAZING rate. Thanks for making it a very pleasant experience.


08/08/2019 | B.B.
Excellent Services! Great rates! Would highly recommend to friends and family!


08/06/2019 | E.S.
Sinai and his team really came through! Thank you !!


07/21/2019 | R.A.
Sinai made everything so easy and pleasant for us


07/17/2019 | E.S.
Sinai did not surprise me. I have made my first loan with him back in 2015, and quite a few loans since then. I consider myself very knowledgeable when it comes to loans (I happen to be a licensed mlo) and I can attest that he is exceptional in every corner of the field. This loan was so special and unique, that a few other loan officers told me that this will never go through, but with the expertise and knowledge Sinai has he can make the impossible happen. It's a pleasure working with you.


07/17/2019 | M.W.
Sinai was an awesome agent! It was a really smooth process and I would definitely recommend him to my family and friends hes THE BEST!!


07/05/2019 | Y.B.
Sinai was very helpful and professional every step of the way. He helped smooth out all the little things that came up. It was a pleasure to work with him and always available. I would highly recommend him.


06/19/2019 | I.H.
Great great job


06/18/2019 | I.P.


05/27/2019 | S.M.
Great a+


05/20/2019 | J.H.


04/12/2019 | J.W.
Sinai is a great broker who has been around a long time and knows all the ins and outs of this business. He gets the whole job done, including all the difficult parts! He makes it happen! Nothing beats experience!!


04/08/2019 | A.K.
From being on top of everything, to explaining all the options clearly, to taking care of any issues that came up, his knowledge service was OUT OF THIS WORLD!! THANK YOU!!


04/07/2019 | M.Y.
I have used Sinai before. he is educated and knows the business well. He is honest and forthright. he doesn't push you into anything that isn't in your best interest. He's not looking to just get the business and move on.