Ruben Gurgov

Branch Manager/Senior Loan Officer

NMLS ID #8273

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"Let Ruben get you home!"


Ruben uses FM Home Loans extensive mortgage lending resources and experience to provide his clients with great rates, fast pre-approvals, superior customer service and hassle-free closings. As a loan officer with FM Home Loans, he is dedicated to building lasting relationships with realtors by providing their buyers with effective purchasing solutions and real time communication.

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Experienced, organized, tenacious, aggressive, caring and knowledgeable


I wanted to thank all of you for helping us secure a mortgage for our new home. 
I cannot express how great they were to work with.... 
They were very professional and friendly and kept me informed the entire step of the way. 
They locked me in at an excellent rate and they still call to see how I am doing till this day. 
They provide a very personal touch during a very stressful process. It's been a pleasure working with you. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family. 
Thank you Ruben for always being prompt in getting back to me with all my questions. 

September 5, 2013

Ruben assisted me in getting a mortgage and later to refinance that mortgage. Additionally he assisted a relative whom I referred. Ruben provided excellent service. 
I was very pleased with his attention and especially his concern for my interest. Ruben has years of experience and knows what he's doing. He is honest, trustworthy and an overall good guy. I was grateful to have him on my side when purchasing a home. I highly recommend him and will continue to use him in the future.

Natalie B .
October 4, 2013

When doing business with Ruben Gurgov it has always been a pure pleasure. He is very helpful and knowledgable in his field. Always looking for the best interest for his clients. He is not only an asset to his own business but to ours as well!! Thank you Ruben for your business. I greatly enjoy doing business with you and your company!!

Danielle M .
November 22, 2013

Ruben is very professional and has a very nice personality will help you in any way you need we are very happy that we went to him I would say he is number one Ruben knows exactly what he's doing so you can trust him and that is very important these days he is excellent !!!!!!!

Milana I .
February 26, 2014

Ruben is an amazing gentleman to work with. He is always on top of his files and keeps me well informed on all client files that have been referred to him. He is easily accessible and is very helpful to client's who are not so qualified. Pleasure to work with.

Johana M .
February 28, 2014

Ruben provided an excellent service. 
My husband and I was very pleased with his attention and especially his concern for our interest. Ruben has years of experience and knows what he's doing. I highly recommend him and will continue to use him in the future.

Oksana S .
May 15, 2014

Dealt with Ruben Gurgov when refinancing our mortgage. He demonstrated an expertise in his field, and guided us every step of the way. He is very knowledgeable, professional, and easy to deal with. Would highly recommend him to anyone.

Lyuba R .
October 4, 2013


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11/24/2018 | S.R.
Great service and team


11/01/2018 | M.A.
My dream came true and you helped me . I am happy with you. Thank you.


10/28/2018 | I.M.
My family and I are extremely appreciative for everything that Mr. Ruben Gurgov and his staff have done to help us getting approved and into our new home, I must say he is the most patient and professional expert in this field. I highly recommend working with Ruben and his courteous staff as they are truly caring and available around the clock. Thank you guys once again !


10/28/2018 | M.K.
The thing that made this experience great is that they showed us sloth of kindness. You could tell that they were trying their hardest to make us get the loane. They need make one of my dreams a reality.


10/20/2018 | Y.M.
Very patient, and very informative office. Everything on the fast pace. Great customer service.


09/21/2018 | W.L.
You deliver what you promised


09/16/2018 | R.P.
Very patient


09/11/2018 | M.J.
The entire process was actually quick and painless. Any questions or concerns we had were answered right away. We were also advised on what would work better for us to make sure we go in the right direction.


09/05/2018 | R.B.
Ruben Gurgov is a experienced & honest Professional Mortgage Officer, we had a wonderful experience working with him and his home loans team in applying for our home mortgage. Throughout the Process he was informative, patient, extremely thorough and attentive to our financial needs, ensuring the best deal possible, making the road map visible until closing and made our 1st time buyer experience GREAT!


07/28/2018 | M.D.


07/20/2018 | O.I.
He really did a great job


07/13/2018 | I.G.


06/29/2018 | S.I.
professional approach, timely response, excellent experience


06/18/2018 | A.K.
Ruben Gurgov is a highly experienced mortgage broker, I admire his honesty and professionalism. My husband and I had a wonderful experience working with Ruben Gurgov and the FM home loans team in applying for our home mortgage. From beginning to end, he was informative, extremely thorough and attentive to our financial needs, thus making sure that we were getting the best deal possible. He quickly evaluated our needs and expedited the process making our 1st time buyer experience amazing.


06/15/2018 | P.J.
Wonderful service great staff Ms Christine very patient you guys made my understanding of mortgages great Thank you