Robert Yusupov

Branch Manager/Senior Loan Officer

NMLS ID #7979

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"Let Robert get you home!"


Robert uses FM Home Loans extensive mortgage lending resources and experience to provide his clients with great rates, fast pre-approvals, superior customer service and hassle-free closings. As a Branch Manager with FM Home Loans, he is dedicated to building lasting relationships with realtors by providing their buyers with effective purchasing solutions and real time communication.

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Aggressive, organized, experienced and professional


Real good guy, down to earth and very service oriented, guided my family through the entire process, felt like a VIP.

Mark K .
June 24, 2014

Sweet & Simple... He is the best one to close the mortgage related deal.

Mohammad H .
October 4, 2013

Robert was very helpful in working with us to get to our end goal. He worked diligently to provide a quick and seamless close on our property. Mr. Yusupov was very knowledgeable and transparent throughout the overall process. He is able to work with deals that aren't traditional to other banks and provide a solution that may take ages within other banks. I am glad to have Robert as a mortgage consultant and would recommend his services to anyone looking to purchase a property or do any bank financing.

Calvin L .
February 23, 2014

We were in need of finding a home, and needed an affordable price to purchase it. Robert Yusupov and his team at FM did and an outstanding job with helping us every step of the way. He even became my go to lawyer, right up until the last hours of closing. He is knowledgeable, responsive, and honestly went above and beyond his job description with helping us to close on our home. Without Robert and his team, we would not have become home owners today. I highly recommend if you are in need of a home, that you search no where else. Robert and his team at FM will do whatever is necessary to make your dream come true. Thank you Robert and FMM I cannot express how much myself and my family appreciates you.  Best person and team for the job. Kudos!

Jamel J .
May 16, 2016

Robert and his team at FM provided outstanding customer service during the mortgage home loan process.  Whenever my family and I had any questions Robert and his staff would respond diligently.  They also provided great assistance in expediting the process.  If you are looking for a Home Loan company that will provide the best home loan service First Meridian is the best choice!  I would recommend them to my family and friends without a doubt!

Seth N .
April 2, 2016

Robert  Yusupov is excellent! Im happily living new home now! 
Originally I had a mortgage guy from Big bank who helped my first purchase. After he saw all my information and accounts, he gave me big confidence and started proceeding the loan process however after a couple weeks later, started not pleasant experience and himself seems not fully understanding and confusing. After they waisted  enough time of mine, I found Robert. 
After first time I spoke with him, he was straight forward and made an effort to make it happen. 
Nothing complication and his team support is excellent. Needless to say, after customer care also amazing. I definitely recommend to anyone who want to work with real mortgage professional. Thank you so much!

Yuki W .
April 8, 2015

No words to express,how lucky we have upon knowing Robert,he is very amiable person,he knows his job very well,and very accommodating from the first day we process our documents,to the last day of our closing he is there  to answer whatever questions we have.Kudos to Robert,for the job well done,I highly recommended to anyone.

Boyong C .
August 12, 2014

Robert Yusupov is a class act in the mortgage lending business. He is knowledgeable, responsive, and smart. He does all if this & maintains an approachable & personable demeanor with his clients. If you are looking to buy in this fast paced & competitive real estate market, you need Robert on your team. He is a star!

A O .
July 29, 2014

Robert is a fantastic mortgage broker.  he is so thorough.  I recently purchased my first home.  it can be very stressful with all the paperwork but Robert made it easy and pleasant.  any questions I had he was able to answer easily.  I couldn't believe we were able to close with a mortgage with in a month time.  I highly recommend Robert to all of my friends and they too are very happy with his services.

Yelena D .
July 22, 2014


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10/24/2019 | O.K.
Robert was exceptionally knowledgeable and was great at communicating!!! We will definitely be coming back to him for are future endeavors.


10/11/2019 | A.K.
It was a pleasure to go through this difficult process with Robert. He was very patient and always professional. I really appreciated his expert advice and support. Definitely recommend Robert's services to anyone who needs a home loan. Thank you very much for all your help!


09/06/2019 | N.K.
Robert and his team made my dream of becoming first time home buyer a reality. My experince with Robert was amazing, he and his team guided me from the beginning to the end of the home buyung process, answering all questions that I would have, and i had a lot of questions, while helping me see that anything is possible. Thank you so much.


08/24/2019 | S.G.


08/24/2019 | L.G.


08/16/2019 | P.P.
Overall we were satisfied with service that we were given. They took time in explaining Ang giving different options that could benefit us during the services that were provided.


08/12/2019 | B.M.
Very calm and heloful


07/30/2019 | V.S.
Robert did the impossible, I’ve been in Real Estate for close to 20 years now and I have referred some buyers to him in the past, I recently bought a house myself and there was a few challenges that came along, he took care of it all and we were able to close in a timely fashion. He is definitely my #1 choice !!!!!


07/30/2019 | A.B.
Robert and his associates are always there to answer questions and they work very hard behind the scenes to complete your paperwork and get you the best rates possible. Great work team and I am very happy to work with you.


07/24/2019 | S.S.
Robert and his team were knowledgeable and pleasant to work with.


07/20/2019 | C.S.
Robert is knowledgeable and pleasant. His entire office staff is friendly was beyond helpful.


07/17/2019 | D.R.
Robert was amazing during the whole mortgage process. He was very responsive specific meticulous about everything was asked and was very timely. The whole experience was just a pleasure. Most importantly there wereno surprises during any part of the journey- whatever was discussed that’s how it was at closing. Will definitely recommend his services to friends and family.


07/16/2019 | E.R.
The personal attention and service we received from Robert and his team was beyond anything we ever imagined. All our questions and concerns were answered in the most timely manner. Robert did his best to get us a deal we were looking for. We were treated like family. So blessed we were referred to Robert. Thank you sooo much!


07/10/2019 | H.P.
Great experience from start to finish!!!!


06/24/2019 | M.K.
Great experience, well executed deal.