Nathan Perlstein

Senior Loan Officer

NMLS ID #63611

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"Let Nathan get you home!"


Since 2004, Nathan has been one of the top loan officers at FM Home Loans. He was initially attracted to the idea of having a positive impact on people's lives by helping them achieve their goal of home ownership. That early enthusiasm has never worn off. To Nathan, the excitement of structuring a new deal, meeting new people and getting his customers to close, never gets stale. Nathan genuinely enjoys meeting new people and is known for his warm and loyal relationships within the real estate community. True to his word, Nathan's clients know that his word is as good as gold and they can be confident that he will get the job done. Nathan’s clients benefit greatly from his energy, devotion, reliability, professionalism, skilled mortgage knowledge, and exceptional service. 

Superhero Moment

One morning, Nathan awoke to find that his car had been vandalized. He called the police, they came to investigate, and Nathan ended up helping both responding officers get the mortgages they were looking for!


We just closed on an investment property with Nathan & Hanna at FM loans.  They were absolutely fabulous in this whole process!  Very responsive and if something was at all possible (like deadlines) - they made sure it happens. If it was wise to hold off to respect boundaries, they articulated that and acted accordingly. They have trustful and good relationships with banks, which helps in the process and speaks for them. They always took the time to explain so I could understand the process better. I quickly learned they are on top of things and that I could trust.
Thanks to their patience, diligence and dedication it was a smooth process with no surprises in a super timely manner. 

I work with many different people at all different levels and it is rare to be working with somebody that has this work mentality and is as competent in what they do.

Gesa K .
August 16, 2016

Nathan and his team are extremely professional and efficient, with a strong customer service orientation. I am a satisfied repeat customer

Brooklyn B .
June 1, 2016

Nathan, Hanna and the entire team were great. They were very professional, helpful, and responsive to whatever questions/concerns I had. They were there every step of the way. It felt really good to have that personal touch, and know they were on my side. The fees they have are efficient as well. At the closing, even my lawyers were impressed on how "simple" they made everything on their end for such a complex transaction. 

I highly recommend these guys as your mortgage broker. You won't be disappointed.

James P .
November 16, 2015

Writing a good review is a mixed bag...because as much as I wish them more success, I want to keep using them for my financing needs, so I hope they don't get too busy to help me down the road.
love this team. I gave them a try after working10 + years with another broker who had always done very well for me, but was not performing as well as he used to.

Nathan has now done several refi's for me and they are prompt, professional and get quick closings (assuming you get your paperwork done in a timely manner).

Thank you Nathan and Hannah for all your help. You have done such good work for me.
I am happy to write about it here

All the best

Richard R .
March 23, 2015

Nathan and Hanna helped me secure financing for a recent home purchase. They were highly competent and an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Nathan and would work with him again in a heartbeat.

Scott K .
April 10, 2016

Nathan and his staff where extremely knowledgeable, thorough and impressive in their efforts to secure a mortgage loan for me. Thanks to them the process was more enjoyable than I could have anticipated. I look forward to doing business with Nathan again.

Christain S .
January 30, 2015


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10/02/2018 | P.M.
Nathan and Hannah were amazing to work with. My husband and I were referred to them when we were buying our first home in Brooklyn and they made the process so easy. They were also able to find us a very competitive rate compared to all other rates that we shopped around for. We definitely plan to recommend them to all other friends and family.


09/28/2018 | V.A.
Very helpful and responsive! He helped us get a great rate for a mortgage on our first home.


09/08/2018 | M.W.
Nathan and his team did an amazing job getting me into my dream apartment in NYC. It was not an easy task, but Nathan's team work tirelessly to get the job done. Could not have asked for better service!


08/23/2018 | N.M.
From beginning to end, the knowledge, professionalism and courtesy made this a very pleasant experience. Both Nathan and Hannah were most helpful in getting this done. without their advice and guidance I would not have been able to complete this project.


08/23/2018 | E.D.
An office of polite and kind knowledgeable people. Pleasure to deal with them.


08/12/2018 | A.R.
Hanna is wonderful to work with - very helpful in explaining things, reminding me what's needed next and keeping things on track; a real problem solver.


08/09/2018 | M.J.
Fantastic and responsive service from beginning to end.


07/21/2018 | D.L.
Very responsive


07/03/2018 | A.C.
I felt like I was getting glove service! The service was personal and professional!


06/22/2018 | S.B.
Nathan, you are the best! You saved my life.


06/16/2018 | A.P.
It's a difficult process and you made it happen!!! We couldn't have done it ourselves. Thank you!


04/30/2018 | L.J.
Nathan and Hannah were both extremely thorough when explaining everything as well as prompt when it came to processing all my info. They were really on top of everything - I went through a convoluted, lengthy buying process with my condo, and I was able to count on them to make sure everything was in place for closing. They were also really trustworthy; they called me when they thought interest rates were rising and advised me on the best routes forward. I felt like I was in really great hands.


04/24/2018 | C.V.
Our experience with Nathan was great. He and his team were available beyond business hours to answer questions, responded to emails faster than I ever expected and got me into my first home! Thank you Nathan and Hanna for everything!


02/02/2018 | L.S.
Prompt replies and excellent service made working with Nathan and Hannah a pleasure. As first-time homebuyers, the process was very daunting, but FM helped guide us through the process.


02/01/2018 | D.P.
I had a change in my employment status thus a problem in the loan approval. FMM were able to find a solution to countermeasure the situation quickly The solution enabled us to close the condo and to move in in the expected time frame. Nathan has always been very encouraging, detail-oriented, and helpful in assisting us through the loan approval process.