Judy Zucker

Vice President

NMLS ID #1035126

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"Let Judy get you home!"


Judy Zucker defines the word PASSION! Her clients, her team, her gourmet cooking or interior decorating, Judy attacks all assets of her life with passion. Her winning combination of passion and fourteen plus years mastering the mortgage industry have placed Judy in the top percentage of loan officers in the industry. Judy’s clients rave about her concierge customer service.  The confidence she engenders provides the trust that Judy will do everything possible to close her loans as fast as possible. Judy personifies the phrase, “When you want something done, give it to a busy person!” There is none better than working with Judy and her team. 

Superhero Moment

A client was in contract to purchase the house she was currently renting. When Judy got involved, the client had less than a month to close before her belongings would be tossed to the street. Judy’s guidance and vigilance enabled the deal to close in just under two weeks - lightning fast in the mortgage industry. 

  • Contact

    Direct: (305) 952-5373 / (718) 732-0333

    Fax: (718) 732-0989

    Cell: (917) 647-8668

    Email: jzucker@fmm.com

    Dept: Sales

    Licensed States: FL, NJ, NY

  • Location

    4651 Sheridan St., Suite 301
    Hollywood, FL 33021


Judy is extremely knowledgeable, she knows how to build a file so that there are no issues when it comes to underwriting. Judy will coach the buyer to ensure a smooth closing. She will gladly advocate on behalf of the borrower and clearly communicate any issues in advance so that the seller side is informed and on board to work together for the mutual benefit of all parties involved. 

Yaakov W . - Realtor - Beachfront Realty
September 22, 2016

Judy Zucker is simply The BEST!!!

She gets the job done when no one else can, she is trustworthy and even harder working than me ;)

Truly a professional and always the one I send my clients to without a doubt. When a mortgage is brought up, Judy is the only one that comes to mind!!!

Sharon B . - Decorus Realty
September 22, 2016

Judy Zucker and I have been able to close a number of deals together since my inception into the Real Estate business. I cannot tell you how many clients of mine she has not only helped them get a loan but also helped save them money. Additionally, she is doesn’t give you the typical roundabout that most mortgage brokers give you when a transaction gets ‘hairy’. I recommend Judy to anyone who is looking to buy a home

Jonathan A. C . - P.A.
September 22, 2016

I have worked with Judy Zucker for over two years now and she embodies true professionalism. She is always knowledgeable about her products but more importantly is empathic to the transition her clients are going through.

Additionally, she always comes through in the clutch during those tough situations. On one occasion my buyer’s appraisal came in $75K less than anticipated through another big bank and Judy was able to obtain a fresh mortgage, at a better rate within 5 business days – it was truly amazing and completely saved the deal. I could not more highly recommend Judy, if you need an erudite mortgage broker who will be just as invested as the buyer will be than look no further. 

Matthew D. H . - Brown Steven Harris
September 30, 2016

Judy made a miracle happen. Not only did we close in record time, the involvement and work I, the consumer, needed to do for this mortgage was absolutely minimal. This was seamless and flawless. It was easier that getting a car lease. 

Loreley K .
July 18, 2017


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03/27/2020 | E.M.
Judy is amazing. I would deffinately recommend her to my friends.


03/03/2020 | A.G.
This is my 3rd deal with Judy (1 sale and 2 purchases). She is the best in the industry! She is thorough and communicative and most importantly keeps me calm throughout the entire process.


02/28/2020 | M.H.
Judy was always available for me even after business hours, I highly recommend her.


02/18/2020 | N.X.
My experience for this company was great, efficient, professional, and trustworthy. I would highly recommend for people to use the company!


02/14/2020 | L.Y.
getting a mortgage is a hectic experience so you want everything to flow smoothly. the customer has to have patience and confidence that the company he chose knows what they are doing .i felt very comfortable with them and everything went pretty much smoothly.that to me made it a great experience.


02/07/2020 | M.Y.
Really amazing. The entire process was made very smoothe and easy, all our questions were answered very quickly. Just extremely happy with everything.


02/07/2020 | D.W.
Judy was so amazing! She was attentive and was so quick to answer any questions we had. She really took care of us! We were so glad to have her in this process, and would most definitely be using her again! Thank you judy!


02/06/2020 | J.S.
Great service


01/28/2020 | L.D.
quick pre-approval, and very meticulous and accurate at getting everything ready for closing!


01/14/2020 | A.S.
Very fast , responsibility, helping


01/12/2020 | B.S.
amazing turnaround. worked around the clock to get the deal done


01/08/2020 | M.C.
Need a lender...look no further. Professional, discreet and kind. The best of the best....thank you Judy for helping Client. Not all are easy, some are hard...when you have Judy on your side...all will be OK.


01/07/2020 | J.S.
Judy is totally on the ball. She handles everything that comes her way quickly and correctly. The whole process was very easy for me. Judy's advice and guidance was amazing. I can't imagine using anyone else and I 100% recommend Judy Zucker!


01/01/2020 | M.N.
Judy and her team were excellent! She is extremely knowledgeable and closed this for me in record time, delivering on every single one of her promises. I’ve taken many mortgages in my career and I can say that Judy is by far the best in the business. I will only use her going forward and I highly recommend her to others.


12/26/2019 | D.W.
Judy was extremely responsive and explained things in a way we could understand it in plain terminology.