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"Let Jason get you home!"


Branch Manager, Vice President, Loan Originator, friend, husband, father, athlete, no matter what title, Jason Berg is happiest when you...call him. A veteran of the mortgage industry with over 13 years of experience, Jason's long list of thrilled clients benefit the most from his clarity, straightforward honesty, honed industry knowledge and laser-focused concentration. Fully aware that competition exists, Jason distinguishes himself by creating a team committed to providing the very best in customer service. Jason's clients close their loans with clarity and understanding, thoroughly educated and prepared. 

Super Powers

Dependable, tenacious, creative, positive, athletic and a pleasure to work with. 


Jason knows the ins and outs of a complicated business. He is a pleasure to deal with!

Akiva D .
August 21, 2012

Jason was great to work with when we refinanced our mortgage. After our initial conversation, he locked in a rate for us when they reached a point that it was worth our while to refinance. Jason then walked us through every step of the process, always responding to emails quickly and with the necessary information. The process was quick and we were very happy with the service and the result. I would recommend Jason highly and use him again.

Avi-Gil C .
June 12, 2016

Whenever I had a question, and that was often, Jason proved knowledgeable and patient. He helped us comfortably and happily through the process of refinancing our home mortgage.

Tali B .
June 25, 2012

I have worked professionally with Jason for a number of years and all of our mutual clients have only praise his work and professionalism. As far as my experience with Jason is concerned I have found him to have the ability and the desire to get deals done in a timely basis. 
I would recommend him for everyone.

Alan R .
June 22, 2012

Working with Jason, Atara and there team on our recent refinance was a pleasure! From start to finish, they were attentive to our every need. No matter what our questions were, they emailed or called us back immediately and helped us through very tricky processes. This is our second time using FM Home Loans and we look forward to using them again in the future and recommending them to our friends and family.

D. & E. K .
September 28, 2016

Working with Jason, Atara and there team on our recent refinance was a pleasure! From start to finish, they were attentive to our every need. No matter what our questions were, they emailed or called us back immediately and helped us through very tricky processes. This is our second time using FM Home Loans and we look forward to using them again in the future and recommending them to our friends and family. 

Dana & Erik K .
September 28, 2016

As I first time homebuyer, I was looking for a trusted advisor to guide me through the mortgage process.  Jason and his team provided service that exceeded my expectations in every way. They are knowledgeable, patient, and always accessible. I give them my highest recommendation.

David N . - CPA, Cohn, Reznick
September 28, 2016


"My husband and I had the pleasure to work with Jason Berg on both: the purchase of our new home two years ago; and lately for the refinancing of our mortgage. It is very rare to find professionals like Jason, who are always there for you - promptly responding with patience and clarity to all your questions and looking out for your bottom line. When we purchased our house, the sellers delayed the closing by more than 5 months. Our fear of loosing the financing and the interest rates we wanted to keep, were put at ease by Jason, each time the sellers delayed. Jason was there for us, every step of the way. His knowledge and creativity made it possible for us to have our dream home on time and with less costs than other loans offered out there. When you become his client, he sees his role in helping you, not just for this current issue, loan, or transaction. He values your trust in him, for life. So when interest rates dropped and the conditions were right for us to refinance, Jason was there, promptly making it happen, saving us money and structuring the transaction with the highest degree of professionalism and care for us as clients. We are profoundly grateful for his service. I don’t think we would have had our dream home, if it wasn’t for him."


Val M .
January 5, 2017

As a first time home buyer, you cant ask for any more then Jason Berg. He sat us down and got all the math to what we really needed to know - our monthly payment, what will be needed at closing, and then said "this is what you can afford." It was very easy.
At the end of the day he got us a better rate then what we thought we would be getting. Highly recommend.

David F .
March 16, 2017

Jason is the best in the business...he not only knows the industry, but explains what is going on every step of the way making you feel comfortable throughout the mortgage process. Anyone looking for mortgage would be lucky to have Jason Berg working on it for them.

David G .
March 16, 2017

Jason has assisted me with two separate transactions, a refinance and purchase of a new home. He and his team were knowledgeable, responsive, competitive and were able to guide me through any issue that arose. Jason's knowledge of the local real estate market was a big plus as well. I highly recommend him and his team.

Daren T .
March 16, 2017

Thank you Jason for working with me and my wife to purchase our first home! You explained the entire process & helped us get through a very bad lawyer situation. I have recommended & continue to recommend your services!

Zev F .
March 16, 2017

Knowledgeable, professional and helpful every step of the process.

Jonah S .
March 16, 2017

Very professional, helpful and flexible to our various changes. Exceeded all our expectations, highly recommended

Yossi K . - Rabbi
March 16, 2017

You can use any part of this email as a testimonial. Your service, patience, and knowledge throughout the entire process was absolutely outstanding, and there is no way I could have done this without you. Actually, towards the beginning of our process, I was also connected to another mortgage broker who is a family friend, and after going over our numbers, she said she couldn't help me, and frankly didn't really see how any other broker could. Of course, that's because she didn't know about you. Thanks for working your magic and providing the excellent and personable service I was lucky to get. I mean every word.

Thanks so much Jason, 

April 20, 2017


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12/11/2017 | Moshe Schiffmiller
Jason is a trustworthy advisor and sticks to his word. He advised us at every step of the way without bias or requiring a commitment. He was always readily available and reachable by phone and email. I’m a big fan!


12/11/2017 | Sergii Grybovych
Excellent experience.


11/27/2017 | Alec Borenstein
Very attentive staff and easy to work with!


11/25/2017 | Kevin Strohmeyer
Jason and the entire organization was pleasant and knowledgeable every step of the way. This was the 2nd time that we’ve used Jason and I would certainly go back for a 3rd time!


11/22/2017 | Theresa Strohmeyer
Jason and all his colleagues at FM Home were very attentive, knowledgeable and patient.


11/20/2017 | Jason Demby
Jason was amazing! He took us through every step of the process in a clearly explained systematic way. I would definitely recommend him in the future!


10/19/2017 | Zev Singer
Jason was responsive, patient, and walked me through a complicated process that I had never gone through. The staff was helpful and clear with instructions as well. The online system where I could easily upload documents and it was clear what was needed to made things seamless and easy. Thank you.


10/09/2017 | Yeruchiam Miller
This is the second mortgage we did through Jason. Jason’s attention to detail is unparalleled and his knowledge of every aspect of the mortgage process ensures a smooth transaction. Thank you Jason for all your help.


09/26/2017 | Gary Schechter
Great communication Very fast turnaround Questions answered right away Clear instructions No waste of my time


08/27/2017 | Anne L Kleinman
Jason was very available and extremely helpful with a Any and all questions my husband had both relating to the loan process and home ownership in general.


08/22/2017 | Daniel Kroll
Working with Atara made the entire process a breeze. There were some complex issues, but none that she couldn't solve


08/13/2017 | Gershon Kravetz
Jason was always available or got back to me quickly when I left a message. His advice, knowledge, and expertise helped us get the best deal available.


08/11/2017 | Sterling Lum
Jason was wonderful to work with and always had great communication with us. Jason & his team were very informative and professional. We had a great experience working with this company. Our mortgage process went so smooth and everything was outstanding with this group! Thanks so much Jason & team!


08/11/2017 | Lance Friedman
It was a great experience working with Jason. He was extremely knowledgeable, and was available throughout the process. He was very responsive which was comforting as there were many time sensitive items to be addressed. He gets the job done, and was really helpful when coordinating with our attorney.


08/11/2017 | Rina Klein
The whole process was seemless. Our needs were anticipated and met. From start to finish there were no issues, everything was properly explained and handled. Very happy with our overall experience with Jason and FM Home Loans.