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Gabe Tennenberg

Loan Officer

NMLS ID #1633411

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"Let Gabe get you home!"


In just a short time, Gabe Tennenberg has already made an indelible mark on the mortgage landscape. Infusing his career with his trademark enthusiasm, warmth and genuine desire to help his clients secure the best in home financing. Gabe has the reliability, the mortgage knowledge and the communication skills of a seasoned professional. His availability and responsiveness to his clients have already earned him a valued reputation as a much sought after loan officer. Gabe is also a devoted athlete. Be sure to look for him on the nearest biking trails. 

Super Powers

Tenacity, Commitment, Reliability, Humor, Warmth and Atheliticism. 


 from 15 reviews


01/20/2021 | M.Z.
Gabe was amazing! From the onset of our home-purchasing process he was there to guide and direct us, making the process smooth and enjoyable. It was truly a pleasure working with Gabe and we wish him much success in the future. ABC!


01/14/2021 | S.R.
Gabe was a pleasure to work with. He was involved in every step of the way and walked us through the process !! He had the time and patience for all of our questions and clearly explained everything. We could not have does this without his help and expertise!


01/13/2021 | I.M.
Gabe Tenenberg was professional and really went the extra mile for us. I tell all my friends to use FM Loans. Sincerely, Yisroel Tepper


01/10/2021 | J.I.
Great job!!


01/08/2021 | J.A.
Nobody beats Mortgage Gabe!! I really believe that nobody else would have gotten the terms I got, and gotten this one across the finish line.


01/05/2021 | I.B.
Great guy to work with / straight to the point.


01/04/2021 | S.E.
Gabe was very clear, responsive, and pleasant to work with. During such a high-stress transaction, it was very helpful to have someone that was responding to questions in a timely manner, and was a nice person.


12/27/2020 | S.C.
Gabe took care of everything!


12/23/2020 | Y.H.
Easy to deal with. Very accessible. Aggressive and competitive.


12/13/2020 | A.N.
Gabe is an outstanding broker! He was attentive and always available for all my questions. He was on top of every detail from beginning to end. Throughout the process, I told anyone who wasn’t using Gabe that they were making a HUGE mistake. I was thrilled by how easy he made everything and would use him a million times over!! I highly recommend anyone who is looking for a mortgage to speak only to Gabe.


12/06/2020 | N.A.
Gabe was a pleasure to work with as a mortgage broker. He got us a great rate. He answered all my questions right away and explained everything to me thoroughly throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend him.


12/03/2020 | M.A.
Gabe was the absolute best. He was on top of the entire process from start to finish. He was attentive, responsive and really on the ball. Everything was handled quickly and efficiently. Gabe and his staff were a pleasure to deal with, and would highly recommend to all future homebuyers.


12/03/2020 | Y.Z.
Gabe was exceptional. Being a first time home buyer can be very daunting and confusing. Gabe guided us through the process step by step with proffesionalism and patience. We couldn't have chosen a better mortgage broker!


12/03/2020 | M.F.
Gabe answered all questions on time and was very nice and pleasant to deal with.


11/28/2020 | Y.F.
Gabe was great from beginning to end! Highly recommended.

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