Gabe Tennenberg

Loan Officer

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"Let Gabe get you home!"


In just a short time, Gabe Tennenberg has already made an indelible mark on the mortgage landscape. Infusing his career with his trademark enthusiasm, warmth and genuine desire to help his clients secure the best in home financing. Gabe has the reliability, the mortgage knowledge and the communication skills of a seasoned professional. His availability and responsiveness to his clients have already earned him a valued reputation as a much sought after loan officer. Gabe is also a devoted athlete. Be sure to look for him on the nearest biking trails. 

Super Powers

Tenacity, Commitment, Reliability, Humor, Warmth and Atheliticism. 


 from 15 reviews


03/18/2020 | C.M.
This man is INCREDIBLE at what he does! You literally feel like you are his only client (and I am quite sure that you are not)! Use Gabe for all your mortgage/refi needs- you AND your wallet will thank you!


02/20/2020 | Y.B.
Gabe is the kind of guy who gets the job done! From start to finish, Gabe gave us his full attention and was on top of the process making sure that everything would run as smoothly as possible. He will fight for you to make sure you are taken care of in every way possible. We could not have had a better experience!


02/20/2020 | M.S.
Gabe is knowledgable, creative, and always ready to answer any questions or deal with any roadblocks that may arise. We had a great experience and would recommend Gabe to anyone starting the home buying process.


02/04/2020 | B.G.
Gabe has been instrumental in our home buying process. We have been looking for a home for over three years, and Gabe had given us his time and effort each time we thought we found the one. He never lost patience with us and even kept us in mind when he saw a new listing. When we were finalizing our mortgage, there were a few last-minute complications that would put most loan officers off, but Gabe had expertly handled. Gabe is a true professional, and we highly recommend him.


01/03/2020 | N.Z.
Extremely pleasant to work with, gets the job done without ever dropping the ball once.


12/16/2019 | M.S.
Gabe was extremely patient through the whole process. He was very helpful, and a pleasure to work with. He always made himself available to answer our questions and concerns.


11/17/2019 | M.D.
Gabe was extremely helpful in every step of the process. There was never a time I couldn’t get him in the phone, he always took the time to explain and question I had with the entire mortgage process. He really knows his stuff and is a pleasure to deal with and talk to. I would definitely recommend him to all my friends and family.


11/08/2019 | A.Z.
Had the best advice, great to work with and got the job done quickly. Thanks for the great job and i wish him lots of success.


11/03/2019 | Z.M.
Great communication


10/25/2019 | E.F.
Gabe is a pleasure to deal with. This is my second time using him and the experience was just as good, if not better. Highly recommended!!


09/24/2019 | M.R.
Gabe was an absolute pleasure to deal with. No issue was too big for him to handle and none too small to deal with immediately. A complete professional that cares, Gabe is ALWAYS available. I would give 6 stars if I could. Thank you Gabe for not taking a minute off from beginning to end. I will be referring both friends and family!


09/22/2019 | J.S.
Gabe is a true professional in his field and he has mastered the skill of "getting it done" I would highly recommend Gabe to anyone who is in the market to purchase a home.


09/09/2019 | E.S.
Gabe was responsive, helpful and made himself available at all hours of the day to make the process as easy as possible.


09/06/2019 | D.R.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank yoi Gabe for helping us getting our home . It was a great experience working with the good people lkke you . Thank you for your time and effort from day 1 up to we closing of our house . We highly recommend Gabe to our friends and family . It is our pleasure to work with you. You really made the whole process of buying a house so easy . Thank yli for your amazing service .


09/03/2019 | R.K.
Gabe was there to guide us throughout the entire process, couldn't recomnmend him more!!