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Gabe Tennenberg

Loan Officer

NMLS ID #1633411

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"Let Gabe get you home!"


In just a short time, Gabe Tennenberg has already made an indelible mark on the mortgage landscape. Infusing his career with his trademark enthusiasm, warmth and genuine desire to help his clients secure the best in home financing. Gabe has the reliability, the mortgage knowledge and the communication skills of a seasoned professional. His availability and responsiveness to his clients have already earned him a valued reputation as a much sought after loan officer. Gabe is also a devoted athlete. Be sure to look for him on the nearest biking trails. 

Super Powers

Tenacity, Commitment, Reliability, Humor, Warmth and Atheliticism. 


 from 15 reviews


07/02/2020 | A.F.


06/26/2020 | Y.D.
Gabe gets it done! Plain and simple!


06/23/2020 | R.M.
Quick response,awesome friendly service,great rates!!!


06/22/2020 | D.B.
Gabe is AWESOME! He helped my wife and I threw the whole process of buying a home. We own a business and have been told NO by multiple lenders. Gabe told me he's the guy that people go to when others say No. It was hard to believe (at first). I ASSURE you he was NOT lying. He meant what he said. He told me what I had to do to be approved. Once we were approved he was very patient, understanding and knowledgeable throughout the process. Without Gabe, I am not sure we would have bought a home.


06/12/2020 | G.S.
Gabe may very well be the best thing since sliced bread! We were in touch with other lenders, but only Gabe was able to confidentially take us to the finish line. He offered the best rate, and provided an unbelievable service. If you are considering buying a new home, stop what you are doing and give this man a call!


05/21/2020 | S.D.
Gabe is a true and patient professional. A real rock star in the field!!


05/20/2020 | P.R.
Clear advice Amazing customer service Awesome guy What else can one ask for?


05/14/2020 | N.R.
Gabe’s service was par excellence. He was always available at all times throughout day to take our call. He was quick and efficient. He made the process easy to navigate!!


04/28/2020 | Z.Z.
Gabe answered all our questions no matter how many different ways we asked the same question. Always answered quickly!!! He was attentive to our specific situation and was honest.


04/26/2020 | D.W.
Thank you Gabe for always being available and making the mortgage process so smooth!


04/23/2020 | M.C.
Was very pleasant to work with. Took care of everything that needed to be done in a timely and efficient manner.


04/23/2020 | M.B.
Always there from beginning to end.


03/29/2020 | S.N.
Gabe was fantastic! Very thorough and took the time to explain what everything meant. He made himself available and did worked well with the rest of the team we chose to purchase our home. Highly recommend!


03/18/2020 | C.M.
This man is INCREDIBLE at what he does! You literally feel like you are his only client (and I am quite sure that you are not)! Use Gabe for all your mortgage/refi needs- you AND your wallet will thank you!


02/20/2020 | Y.B.
Gabe is the kind of guy who gets the job done! From start to finish, Gabe gave us his full attention and was on top of the process making sure that everything would run as smoothly as possible. He will fight for you to make sure you are taken care of in every way possible. We could not have had a better experience!