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Chesky Fuchs

Branch Manager

NMLS ID #59111

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"Let Chesky get you home!"


Chesky began his career in the mortgage industry in 1997. Early on, he realized the potential the field provided to help people. His first loan came as result of a chance encounter with a fellow customer while waiting at an auto-body shop! That conversation transformed into a $300,000 refinance, and paid for his car repair. Chesky’s winning combination of active listening, knowledge, and his direct yet friendly approach engendered his promotion to branch manager in a very short time. A powerful social media presence, Chesky prides himself on being tech-savvy and keeping his borrowers up to date via whatever form of commication suits them best. Chesky is a master at multitasking. He successfully manages his responsibilities as a branch manager along with a vast pipeline of clients, lenders, and real estate professionals. Chesky maintains his warm persona and his steady confidence in the complex world of mortgages. 

Super Powers

Organized, Responsive, Tech-Savvy, Reliable, Warm, Positive


 from 15 reviews


05/20/2022 | A.M. | New York, NY
Helpful and accommodating staff. Assisted in closing in a swift and trouble-fee manner.


05/19/2022 | M.L. | New York, New York
Everything was fantastic. I would use you again. Thank you. I am glad Wendy told me about you.


05/11/2022 | A.S. | Brooklyn, New York
Very professional and easy to work with.


05/11/2022 | R.S. | Boynton Beach, FL
Very professional team.


04/25/2022 | D.G. | Brooklyn, NY
The fact that the staff was so knowledgeable and always available for anything whether questions or help with requirements, made the process a real hand holding experience.


04/25/2022 | M.C. | Brooklyn, New York
It's always personalized. Chesky understands how to get things done and made this a very painLESS process.


04/04/2022 | A.S. | Brooklyn, NY
I've worked with Chesky in the past and always found him to be professional and knowledgeable. His team is excellent and makes the process as smooth as possible!


03/28/2022 | B.P. | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Chesky and his team are the best team to help you with your mortgage. Many banks told me we cant get you a mortgage. However, chesky said yes we can make it happen. He helped buy my second investment property. We will keep working with him.


03/24/2022 | E.D. | Monroe, NY
Every person of the team was very knowledgeable and experienced. Quick response either through email or phone. Every single question I had was answered. Entire process was fast and easy.


03/08/2022 | S.R. | New York, New York
Good service, good followup, smart team!


03/04/2022 | C.S. | Boynton Beach, FL
Great to work with


02/23/2022 | N.K. | Brooklyn, New York
Chesky and his team were excellent communicators and always available to answer questions and follow up on everything. We had a timing push last minute with our closing and his team was never flustered and managed to get everything perfectly ready and done.


02/20/2022 | N.Q. | Brooklyn, NY
They are very professional and reliable


02/18/2022 | L.M. | Albany, NY
The level of endurance they put in get the deal done.


02/12/2022 | T.M. | Brooklyn, NY
this is the second mortgage with Chesky. he s very informative, very experienced and come up with best possible solutions to find the best mortgage. he gives no run-around and quite to the point. so its minimize time, when acquiring a home is just too time consuming and processes oriented.. he made both of our purchases quite easy, although the documentation was as complex as it can be..

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