Aryeh Brecher

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"Let Aryeh get you home!"


One would never be able to tell that Aryeh only joined FM Home Loans in July of 2015. A rising star of a Loan Officer, Aryeh has the reliability, the mortgage knowledge, the communication skills of a seasoned professional. His clients are transformed into raving fans thanks to his determination of securing the best financing for his customers. His availability and responsiveness to his clients have already earned him a valued reputation as a much sought after loan officer.  

Super Powers

Disciplined, Sincere, Responsive, Availability, Dependability


Aryeh was a pleasure working with. All the information he provided was very accurate and he guided me through the whole process from looking for a good real estate agent to finalizing on a mortgage commitment.

I plan on utilizing his services again when I am ready for my future investment properties. And I also recommend him to anyone who is looking to purchase a home.

K .
July 28, 2016

Aryeh was a pleasure to work with; professional, efficient and very courteous and caring. I will definitely refer him to a future prospect.

Thanks, Aryeh

H .
March 21, 2016

I would highly recommend Aryeh Brecher. He was a pleasure to work with!! He was there day and night to answer my questions, respond to my e-mails and help guide me through the refinance process.

March 23, 2016

  • Aryeh was very proactive and delivered what he promised. Always responded promptly. Met tight closing deadline comfortably. I would recommend with confidence.


P R .
March 9, 2016

Aryeh was truly amazing. He was always there for us day and night making sure everything went smoothly. I would truly recommend him to anyone and everyone I know who's buying a house.

YY L .
February 24, 2016

When I first spoke with Aryeh, he told me that one of the benefits of dealing with a broker such as himself (as opposed to directly with the larger banks) was customer service. Wow, was he right! He almost makes you feel like the loan he is working on is for himself. He is on top of every possible option, and his response time is nearly immediate. If I am busy during the day and cannot respond, Aryeh has no problem discussing things later in the evening. I have not finished the loan process yet, but I can certainly attest to Aryeh's knowledge, professionalism and helpfulness. I will definitely recommend him to friends of mine who are in the market for new homes.

February 24, 2016

Prior to choosing a mortgage professional I spent a lot of time researching available options. I spoke to friends and acquaintances as well as real estate attorneys, brokers, and local banks. Aryeh came very highly recommended and went on to over deliver in every way. He was incredibly responsive and truly went out of his way to be available and work around my schedule. His rates are exceptionally competitive and he is both friendly and knowledgeable. I closed on time at a great rate and I could not have been more please with his service.

August 30, 2016


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04/18/2019 | I.W.
I am a mortgage broker from a other company and I being that I'm not licensed I the state I was purchasing in, I used Aryeh. And I couldn't have had a better experience (other than doing it myself, of course). Thanks for all your help!


03/18/2019 | B.P.
Had a great experience working with Aryeh. He is knowledgeable, friendly, and always available to answer any questions. He made the process so seamless and got me a great rate. Glad to have a new friend!


03/18/2019 | F.L.
What an amazing experience. The communication level he demonstrated from start to finish was beyond expected, it blew my mind. He is honest, realistic, and responsive to any questions and or concerns I had.


03/15/2019 | Y.B.
Aryeh was always there to take calls, answer questions, and supply information. The entire process was quick and efficient, and the information was clearly explained. Highly recommend!


03/06/2019 | J.L.
Aryeh was a pleasure to work with and extremely communicative.


01/22/2019 | Y.H.
Working with Aryeh was amazing. He was there for me day and night when ever a question came up.


01/20/2019 | I.K.
The times I had to talk he was always available and so understanding. He worked with me on the loan I got to benefit me the best!!


12/19/2018 | D.W.
The Team At FM Home Loans made the process seamless. I've gone thru this process with other banks and it was nothing like this. FM Home Loans will get my future business because they went above and beyond.


11/23/2018 | R.H.
Aryeh made is simple! Helped me gather all the documents Made the whole process manageable and stress free! Always available for any questions or concerns.


11/08/2018 | Y.M.
Aryeh’s advice and helpfulness were surpassed only by his communication. As first time home buyers having Aryeh on our team made the process smooth and painless. I would highly reccomend using Aryeh for your mortgage needs.


10/10/2018 | D.G.
Working with Aryeh made the home buying experience a great one. He is extremely understanding of your home buying schedule. Knows when and what you need by specfic dates to hit your schedule. He talks to the Insurance broker, Lawyer, and any financial addvisors. His organization skills are top of the line. He really carried the team from start to end and therefore is the MVP.


10/10/2018 | M.G.
Great, organized, straight forward and easy to work with.


09/17/2018 | J.G.
Aryeh was always there when we needed him. No matter the time of day we knew he would answer quickly. As first time home owners he guided us expertly throughout the entire process, and always made sure we knew what to expect. We cant stress enough how happy we were with aryeh. The attention and care he provided us was unparalleled.


08/23/2018 | A.D.
Aryeh was excellent. He answered all my questions and was always available when I needed him. He went above and beyond and guided me along the way and was always patient and understanding. Overall, I couldnt have asked for a better experience.


07/29/2018 | A.S.
Aryeh was a pleasure to deal with and always available to help me out with any questions that I had. He made the whole process easy for us.