Ari Coopersmith

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"Let Ari get you home!"


Celebrating more than two decades of providing superior customer service and mastering all facets of mortgage lending, Ari maintains the enthusiasm and devotion of a newly minted loan officer.  Leveraging his vast industry knowledge along with FM Home Loans’ relationships and resources, Ari successfully navigates the intricacies of the mortgage process that many loan officers miss. Ari’s clients benefit greatly from his energy, devotion, skilled mortgage knowledge, and exceptional service.  

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Experienced, Super-Responsiveness, Reliable, Knowledgeable


 from 15 reviews


12/09/2018 | Y.T.
Professional, knowledgeable and moves heaven and earth to make it all work out!


12/05/2018 | J.P.
Quick and as promised, very responsive hope to do many more loans together


11/13/2018 | R.J.
Ari went over my home value, debt and monthly payments and showed me how he can save me money by refinancing. The process was quite easy.


11/07/2018 | Y.S.
Quick, clear and great rates


11/04/2018 | J.B.
Ari was very professional, assisted us throughout the entire process (no matter the urgency of the demand) and was quick. My wife and I are very satisfied with how thorough him and his team were. He was recommended by my brother and I will continue to recommend his services to others.


11/02/2018 | H.S.
All details were Covered and level of assistance was


10/30/2018 | M.P.


10/24/2018 | Y.M.
Ari made the process seamless on my end. Very professional.


10/23/2018 | G.K.
Job done right once again- thank you!


10/19/2018 | F.C.
your office was tremendously efficient and responsible. you took the time and effort to explain and help out with every little detail, taking the pressure out of what could have otherwise been an extremely stressful experience.


10/13/2018 | J.M.
Ari was very professional and got the job done very quickly! I would definitely recommend he and his staff to a friend


10/10/2018 | T.M.
Ari simply is the best. He gets it done, and he does so effectively and efficiently. Everything he promises, he delivers. He is an absolute professional, and we will enthusiastically refer our friends.


10/04/2018 | M.R.
always great talking to ari fast no issues


10/04/2018 | N.S.
We had an extremely difficult case, due to the fact that we we're purchasing the house from a sheriff sale. Most people thought it to be impossible to get a mortgage in our case, but Ari said he can do it. He kept to his word, and wouldn't let any of the complications get in his way. The bottom line with Ari is, if he says he can do it he'll get it done.


10/03/2018 | J.F.
Thanks Ari for making this happen.