Ann Zeilingold

Vice President/Branch Manager

NMLS ID #41850

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"Let Ann get you home!"


Ann has two mottos: help others, and learn something new every day. She enjoys improving people’s lives through her frequent seminars, her talks, her well-received book (“The Home Buyer’s Companion”), or by feeding them. To the delight of attendees, Ann is known to bring home-cooked soups to her seminars. Although she’s been in this business for over 25 years and has successfully closed thousands upon thousands of loans, Ann vividly remembers every last detail of her very first loan. It was for her high school bus driver. At the time, rates were nearing 12%, and she got him a specific loan called a Negative Amortization Loan which had an extraordinarily great rate. As her career progressed and she grew as an expert in her field, Ann always wondered if her first client was truly happy with the loan she got him. Ultimately she sought him out and he greeted her with great enthusiasm. He told Ann that the loan was the best thing that ever happened to him because it got him into his first house, and now he was ready to buy another one - with ANN! 

Super Powers

Inspiring, Warm, Caring, Knowledgeable, Soup Cooker, Reliable, Aggressive, Multi-faceted


 from 15 reviews


08/17/2019 | M.J.
Patience,understanding,very friendly.ect


08/11/2019 | V.C.
Todo El proceso due muy bien organizado


08/06/2019 | J.G.
People there are very professional and keep you informed every step of the way. Eidie and Ann are very knowledgeable people.


08/02/2019 | Y.S.
Ann and her team, Rose specifically :), we’re absolutely great! Extremely professional! Made the process easy and fast. Always there to answer any question or concern. Highly recommended! Thanks a lot!


07/23/2019 | M.G.
ann has a solution for everyone. i'm so grateful that she made it possible. i can't wait to buy my next home!


07/23/2019 | D.A.
Ann and her team guided us though this process effortlessly and was there to answer any questions we had. We are very satisfied.


07/23/2019 | D.D.


07/23/2019 | A.B.
Thank you for everything and especially for being so patient with all my questions and helping with all my issues


07/20/2019 | J.P.
Constant, weekly communication with us regarding every aspect of the process and patience and guidance when things didn't go accordingly with our house search. Thank you for everything and we will recommend you to anyone and everyone looking to purcahse a home.


07/16/2019 | M.S.
Very responsive and got us the best rate.


07/15/2019 | L.C.
Ann was super friendly and was always ready to help. I felt secure as I processed through with my property buying journey. Ann also found a way to keep the situation light hearted and clear. Now my family and I are happily home.


06/24/2019 | M.S.
Ann and her team were on top of every detail throughout and worked with us patiently to get us the loan we needed. Thanks!


06/16/2019 | C.F.
with every bank and broker offering us the 'best deal and rate out there' it was hard to choose one person - i'm so glad we settled with Ann. number one, she is always available - if for some reason she herself didn't answer my call, she always called right back. When my mother in law had some questions, she called to explain everything to her - after hours! She knew what was best for us, but still explained all our options anyway. Her team is super diligent, fast, and just makes everything wor


06/02/2019 | A.W.
Ann is the best. She worked with us with patience and understanding until completing everything. There’s no one like her


05/22/2019 | A.W.
Everything was great!