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Ann Zeilingold

Vice President/Branch Manager

NMLS ID #41850

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"Let Ann get you home!"


Ann has two mottos: help others, and learn something new every day. She enjoys improving people’s lives through her frequent seminars, her talks, her well-received book (“The Home Buyer’s Companion”), or by feeding them. To the delight of attendees, Ann is known to bring home-cooked soups to her seminars. Although she’s been in this business for over 25 years and has successfully closed thousands upon thousands of loans, Ann vividly remembers every last detail of her very first loan. It was for her high school bus driver. At the time, rates were nearing 12%, and she got him a specific loan called a Negative Amortization Loan which had an extraordinarily great rate. As her career progressed and she grew as an expert in her field, Ann always wondered if her first client was truly happy with the loan she got him. Ultimately she sought him out and he greeted her with great enthusiasm. He told Ann that the loan was the best thing that ever happened to him because it got him into his first house, and now he was ready to buy another one - with ANN! 

Super Powers

Inspiring, Warm, Caring, Knowledgeable, Soup Cooker, Reliable, Aggressive, Multi-faceted


 from 15 reviews


09/17/2020 | E.M.
I had received so much support and assistance with Ann, Eidie and the FM Home Loans team. In both the purchase of my home and the refinancing of it; the team provided constant guidance and direction to help ease the transition. I am grateful I chose FM Home Loans for my mortgage needs and highly recommend using them to others. Thank you FM Home Loans!


09/16/2020 | O.D.
Friendly and helpful staff! Real professionals!


09/16/2020 | A.Y.
Very professional and very knowledgeable in the process. Took us from A to Z and made the whole process of obtaining a mortgage and closing on a house 100% seamless. not a hiccup in the whole process.would recommend to everyone


09/07/2020 | C.A.
Always looking forward to working together


09/04/2020 | B.D.
Ann and Michelle were great from the beginning. Michelle was a pleasure to deal with and kept on top of everything required with her weekly emails/calls with updates. Was a pleasure working with this team. Recommend this company to everyone as we closed on our home with no interruptions or issues. Thanks again Ann and Michelle!


09/04/2020 | L.F.
Ann is extremely knowledgeable in her field, and she knows what to offer and how to make a mortgage work. As a former loan offer, I couldn't have chosen a better broker than Ann! Thank you!!


09/01/2020 | R.R.
Words are powerless to express my gratitude on how much Ann has done for our family. Ann is personable, and is very thorough. My family has closed on two homes! Ann explained the process every step of the way and made it easy to understand. Thank You so Much Ann for all you do!


08/31/2020 | M.B.
As in the past our unique situation was timely addressed by her dedication the desired results with minimal involvement on our part other than providing the documents.


08/28/2020 | R.J.
Ms. Ann Zeilingold was our loan processor and our experience with her, and her team was a great one. What made it great was how organized, patient, and focused she remained during our process. Ms. Zeilingold's knowledge, availability to answer questions, positive attitude and friendliness while still remaining professional was what assured our family that we were in great hands. She was a great communicator and made our process stress free. I would strongly recommend Ms. Zeilingold for your loan


08/28/2020 | M.P.
Ms. ANN is very professional and provide an excellent support in every step of the Loan process. Always answer your emails or phone calls. You really received the attention and knowledge you need. I would highly recommend Ms. Ann and her team to all when you are looking for a home loan. Thanks for all you support. Maria


08/26/2020 | A.W.
Ann and her team made the process so easy.


08/23/2020 | R.K.
Your LO and processor worked quickly and time efficiently and got me a good finance for my home.


08/18/2020 | K.N.
I had a wonderful close relationship with Michelle, who worked on my application. Everything was fine-tuned. She gave me food advice and counseled me when I was frustrated. Ann oversaw my application and worked diligently for me to make target closing date. Great company.


08/11/2020 | J.R.
There were a few things that mad this a great experience. What stuck out to me the most was how friendly they were, how organized they were, and how they take the extra effort to get you approved and get your loan on time. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to get a home loan.


07/31/2020 | I.R.
Was a great experience from beginning unit closing

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